Nigerian Market Experience

FandK SavingsApril 22, 2022 · 3 mins read
With the good, bad, and ugly experiences we've all been through in Nigerian Markets, is it advisable to take all your life savings to any Naija market?

In any Naija market, if you no get money, hide your face.

Get yourself loaded with cash before exploring a Naija market or you regret the entire journey. As much as you get yourself loaded with cash, it is expedient that you separate your WANTS from your NEEDS to avoid overspending. I’m sure we’ve got lots of experience, from the insult to the compliments.

Well, your market experience could range from excitement to confusion and also frustration. I think marketplace experience needs to be added to various stages of socialization or, categorized as special skills on resumes. In any Naija Marketplace, you meet the good, the bad, and the ugly. A place where you could lose focus and discover other versions of yourself. Where everything and everyone is trying to get your attention as much as you need to stay focused. I am glad God joined our ligaments well, If not, some would have lost their arms to desperate merchants. Sometimes, most people lose their focus by spending over budget and purchasing what they do not need.

Immediately you step your foot into the market, anyone or anything that either has something to display or not, happily welcomed you. A first-timer in any Naija market will get confused upon entering, while the professionals find their way directly to the store of their choice.

My Okrika Market Experience

Nigerian Okrika Market

My Mum told us we could get a top and skirt as low as two hundred Naira (#200). We set out with the mindset of bringing the whole market home. Immediately we got to the market, different traders were trying to get our attention so we could buy from them. However, we refused and went to a trader who looked responsible (novice we were). He took us to a shop he claimed was his own, and there he stood with the real shop owner. He started showing us different skirts. We saw varieties, and he brought a skirt that would fit my mum well, and then advised we could amend it.

It was time to negotiate. We prized a skirt of eight hundred Naira (#800) to two hundred Naira (#200). (I thought customers were always right, but not on this one). After a little word-wrestle, the shop owner slapped my sister. That incident is one we will never forget. On our way home, we eventually bought things that weren’t necessary and had nothing reasonable to show. In every Naija market, everyone is at your service, even those that want to steal from you.

Hawkers in Nigerian market selling bananas

Motor Vendors

Any typical Naija market is a lot of vibes, and sometimes you cannot resist the temptations of motor vendors. They are another set of marketers that are not concerned about the good or bad encounters you had in the market. They will still push their wares to your face and sometimes they can get you frustrated. It is either you ignore them totally or you buy something you probably don’t need. 

bring a snack

Oftentimes, chilled water and something to keep the mouth busy is good company. You get home exhausted before reminiscing on all that happened that day. After a day in the Naija market, just like any market in the world, you either get satisfaction or disappointment.

Do you want our advice? It is not wise to take all your savings to any Naija Market or any market in the world, or else … 

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