I Broke My Savings Spell with F&K Savings - A Customer Testimonial

FandK SavingsJune 21, 2022 · 2 mins read
Before and after a customer found the perfect savings platform with F&K Savings.

I kicked off my savings journey like any other young adult because I needed to keep funds for emergency and unforeseen circumstances. My first saving attempt was the traditionally modernized saving box referred to as “kolo”.

An Image of saving box "Kolo"

I was so energized and invested in saving in my little box that i would find a way to put every naira I intended to save down that hole

After a little while, I started to pilfer the box. I knew it wasn’t time to break it open but I wanted some money from it. There was a little spirit that backed me up every time I went on this mission. You cannot begin to imagine the extent I go to get money out back that tiny hole- from brooms to needles, you name it! At some point, the Yoruba girl in me started whispering that it might be a spiritual problem.

I decided that the solution was to switch to a digital platform. It almost felt like I was followed. When I started a savings plan, I would find myself going broke such that I couldn’t keep up with the savings. It would seem like as soon as I lock the funds up, the one in my account flies away! This got to the extent of me prematurely withdrawing saved funds.

Counting money

I heard about F&K Savings through a WhatsApp group. At that point, I was already tired of all forms of savings and went ahead to make enquiries from people who were already using the App in the group as well as reviews on Google play store. After that, that I was willing to try again and honestly I took it with a pinch of salt. 

I started saving 200 naira daily and I expected a repeat of my experiences. I expected after the first few days I would start seeing signs of “brokeness” but that didn’t happen. While being impressed and skeptical at the same time, I increased it to 500 naira daily to be sure I had actually found a cure. At one point I felt the urge to withdraw the money but it was really impossible because I picked the three month savings plan on the F&K Savings App. Guess what? The “Spiritual problem” disappeared.

F&K Savings. Save Strictly, Spend Wisely

I began increasing it regularly, and it seemed like I can now always get money to both save and spend. I invited my friends over to tell them about my experience with F&K Savings, because it seems like I had cracked the secret… I cannot be the only financially stable person amongst my clique.

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