How this freelancer deals with money

FandK SavingsMarch 22, 2021 · 3 mins read
The financial life of a true freelancer

Today we have chosen to go a different route because we understand how important it is to bring you authentic stories. We are glad to introduce our little chat with a brilliant freelancer by day, Project Manager by night. We get as real as possible in the area of financial matters and delve into the tea of what freelancing entails.

  1. Hello, can you give us a short introduction of yourself?

My name is Dahunsi, Grace Adetutu. I am a Sick Freelance Writer, a Project Manager, and an impatient Food Waste Warrior. I am an occasional baby girl or agbero. As the situation deems fit. I am a believer and good food gives me mental orgasms.

  1. What kind of a freelancer are you?

A Freelance Content Writer and Project Manager.

  1. Why did you go into freelancing as a career?

I like to be my own person. The flexibility to start building my dreams now. The flexibility to do many things at the same time without been bound to an office chair living the dreams of another. For the world to have a piece of the goodness I’m early. I’m particular about selective hard work and smart work. So I can be paid what I really am worth. Do less but earn more.

  1. How would you describe yourself as a spender?

I am very frugal with spending. But sometimes I let go and perish if I perish.

  1. Do you save?

Yes. Strategically.

  1. How easy would you say it is to earn as a freelancer?

Depends on your skill, consistency, and expertise. Freelancing is however like the sky. Big enough for every bird to fly. It is saturated yet undersaturated. To earn well, skill up and position yourself rightly.

  1. Is budgeting necessary to a freelancer’s finance?

Yes. It cannot be overemphasized. As skill is to freelancing, so is budgeting to a freelancer’s finances.

  1. What is the silliest thing you have ever spent money on?

Maybe Food. A Shawarma that went wrong. What I Ordered Vs What I got.

  1. What big thing can’t you afford now but look forward to getting?

Ahh. That’s personal. From my lips to God’s ears. Does Sho get?

  1. How best can you build wealth as a Freelancer?

No matter how tempting, DON’T GET GREEDY. Slow and steady. Take risks with foresight. Lastly, have  4 accounts. 1 account receives your earnings and sends them to the other 3, then the other 3 is spread across Emergencies and Big projects, Living expenses, Savings, and Investment. Invest in yourself and decentralized money systems.

  1. Can you share a personal money habit of yours?

I practice delayed gratification. I pay myself a salary from my freelance earning and every single kobo entering my account has percentage allocation. A % each for personal development, gifting friends and strangers, investing, sowing seeds, living expenses, and of course small baby girl life.

  1. Do you have a big financial dream?

Yes. For every facet of my life. Right now, it’s to become a 2-figure Millionaire before July 2021

Ultimately, it’s to build wealth that transcends a few bloodline generations of mine and use my wealth to make a meaningful impact on humans while I’m leaving.

  1. How do you plan to achieve it?

First, by working on my dreams and career bit by bit, day-in-day-out. Then sowing seeds, giving and massive investment in people, stocks, myself, my faith, and cryptocurrency. I am intentional about the tiny bit that leads up to the big dreams.

Finally, letting go and living. Enjoy every phase and moment.

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