Behind The Brand: The One With Timi

FandK SavingsApril 23, 2021 · 3 mins read
We had a conversation with our lead product designer, Timi Idowu around his experience working at F&K Savings.

After so long we decided to visit one of the workers at F&K Savings for another exclusive interview on who they are and their experience at F&K for so far. In this edition, we meet up with Timi, a Product designer and interesting dude. On the surface , Timi gives off the vibe of  a dork who possesses an underlying geekiness.He believes himself  to be a funny dude of which some may agree while others most definitely counter the notion. Wearing the typical look of a tech bro, Timi sports his baggy jeans, sneakers and big afro. Well, we have a conversation with Timi and can certainly say that he is an interesting personality you want to get to know.

In an unusual fashion, we kick off the conversation in the spirit of that old friend and try to catch up on the recent happenings of Timi’s life.

So, tell us Timi, what have you been up to?

Well, so far I have been busy with a lot.  Sleeping, school and growing my skills.


Yes school. I am in my extra level in Computer science dept in the University of Ibadan. So I’ve been handling that alongside working on developing my skills. would you define your skill set/. In short, what do you do?

 I’m a growth focused designer. I like to think I am that  designer that measures his solutions to inform his designing process. A lot of issues and details in the career of a growth designer.A normal design but with the requirement of further skills. Not really about streamlining as much as it is about adding extras to the whole.

Tell us about Timi?

Timi is a  very chill guy, who laughs a lot because it lightens the atmosphere. I love anything creative, storytelling, films, art and anything which falls under creativity. I love product and product design.

When did you join F&K Savings?

(He takes a moment to think about it). January, 2020.

Would you say this sums up all you explained earlier about what you do?

Not exactly because, Growth Design takes Product design a whole step further.

Tell us a bit about what you do at F&K Savings?

I am the Lead Product designer. I’m in charge of the product and all that concerns it.

And would you say this sums up all you explained earlier about what you do?

Not exactly because, Growth Design takes Product design a whole step further.

What do you love about F&K?

The people. I feel like they are a group of smart people who are much more than the average person.

Do you have a favourite person?

I’m not the favourite kind of guy and if I have to choose, it would be everyone because I have too many friends to pick one single person as my favourite.

What significant change since you started working at F&K?

I have learned to work in an organized and structured set up compared to the scrappy garage startups that I had been used to. This has its pros and cons. I am currently playing to the advantages.

What would you say the disadvantages of working in a structured environment are?

Distractions and temperature challenges, I find it really hard working in a cold environment. However, that is nothing compared to the many advantages; collaboration is one of them, you can smoothly slide into the structure available.

What core value of F&K resonates with you the most?

The team spirit and collaborative nature.

Favourite song at the moment?

Afeedufana by Brymo

On a scale of 1 - 10, how good are you at saving and investing?


Tell us a Fun fact about you?

I enjoy reading chinese novels.

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