Behind the Brand; The one with Deborah

FandK SavingsJuly 08, 2021 · 4 mins read
Meet one of the smart minds working deligently to push the Fand K Savings brand forward on a daily basis.

In this interview with Deborah Adesina, our front desk officer, she speaks about herself and her journey so far working at F and K Savings.

Hello there! Can we meet you?

Hello. I am Deborah Adesina, the front desk officer at F and K Savings.

Would you say that the Deborah we see everyday as the front desk officer is the only Deborah there to see?

There are different sides to Deborah be it at work, at home and with friends. In fact, I am all shades. Asides being a front desk officer at F and K Savings, I am a graphics designer and an entrepreneur.  I love creating graphical contents. Also, I am into quite a number of businesses. I refer to these businesses as my side hustles.

When did you join F and K Savings?

I joined F and K savings 11th January, 2021 and ever since it has been a wonderful journey.

Tell us a bit about your role with the FinTech brand.

Basically, I perform administrative duties. Being the front desk officer, I communicate with customers and prospective customers everyday.  I am the shop window of the organization. I am the first person a client or prospective client or visitor sees  while entering the  building. Being a person  who loves meeting people, I would say that I perfectly understand and love  performing my duties. 

Can we know more about your personal life, background and interests?

Asides being a staff at F and K Savings, I am pursuing a degree at the National Open University.  Also, I am very keen on personal development . I take courses offline and online. In fact, I love taking courses in order to boost my productivity level both professionally and individually. 

While developing my skills set, I engage in extracurricular activities. In my leisure time, I play Scrabble, Ludo and Monopoly. As stated earlier, I love meeting people. I love being around people and learning from others. Summarily, I am an amazing and lively person by no means forgetting the fact that I am a result-oriented person. In fact, no dull moment with me (laughs).

What has the experience been so far working at F and K Savings?

The past few months have been amazing and great!  Without the intention to exaggerate, I would say that the work environment  at F and K is conducive and there is an avenue to learn, unlearn and relearn. I feel fulfilled working with and for F and K Savings. I have always dreamed of working at an organization where workers are treated with respect, love and care not neglecting professionalism and working with F and K has indeed granted me this amazing opportunity. 

Name that one remarkable thing you want people to know about the brand

There are two things that make F and K  unique. I would say Transparency and honesty.These two are the core values of the brand. In all dealings, the brand is honest with their services and all that they offer. Also, transparency is top priority.

Do you have a favorite person you have or are working with?

(laughs) I don’t want to sound cliché but I love everyone at F and K. Actually, I have two favorite people.  The CEO of F and K Savings, Mr Folarin Adeboye and the head of programs, Miss Peculiar Edwin.

Why are they your favorite people?

There are many reasons why I love them. One of the reasons is that they make working easy and convenient. Working with them has been impactful, fun and exciting and at the same time convenient and stress-free. Also, I admire their leadership skills. I love how they think and their ability to harness this skill.

How has working with a FinTech brand impacted your financial life?

Before now, I would say that I wasn’t a financially conscious person but working for a FinTech brand has definitely changed the way I think, spend and behave. In fact, it has totally changed a lot about my financial life. Working at F and K has made me realize the need not just to save but to invest. As the wise saying goes, money is like a tree; if it doesn’t grow, it withers. The same applies to money; if it doesn’t grow, it will finish. Hence, working at F and K has helped me to be wise financially  and prudent.

Where do you see F and K Savings in the next two years?

In the next two years, F and K Savings will be a household name in the country and a force to be reckoned with in the FinTech landscape.

What is that one word you feel best describes F and K Savings?


Leave us with one financial lesson that has helped you in the past few months.

Consistency with savings and setting a good financial goal.

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