At F&K Savings, we have a simple philosophy that informs the kind of products we want to build and the feature updates we put up on our platform. 

And our philosophy is really simple – “ design better money experiences for our users”. As brief as this statement is, it is a mantra that every member of the team here at F&K Savings holds dear to heart and it’s because of this philosophy that we built the new product we are introducing to you today — FundMe.

While not necessarily within the scope of savings or investment, it is a product that aligns with our philosophy to help design better money experiences for our users. For us, designing better money experiences means optimizing the long journey and process people usually have to go through when trying to use money related products or services.

What is FundMe?

Like the name already implies, it is a transparent means for you to raise funds towards a money goal you have whether for a personal or charitable cause.

Eg. Let’s say you want to raise funds so you can get that camera you have always wanted, the one that will help you capture heartwarming moments and experiences. You could easily set up a campaign with FundMe and pool money from people who care about your dream just as much as you do. 

You can also raise money towards charitable causes with FundMe.

How does it work?

The process for creating a campaign on FundMe is really simple and straightforward;

  1. Create an F&K Savings account if you don’t have one.
  2. Tap on FundMe.
  3. After you select FundMe, all you have to do is go through these six quick steps (which ideally don’t take more than two minutes);
  • Choose a name for your campaign eg. Get Bibi a camera
  • Choose a category eg Personal, Business, Charity.
  • Select how long you want the campaign to last for.
  • Choose your target amount eg #250,000
  • Tell your story — this basically requires that you share a brief explanation of why you want people to donate to your campaign.
  • And lastly, select whether you want your campaign to go public or not. Going public would make your campaign visible to everyone while staying private means only those your share your campaign ID with via your link can see it.

Voila! That’s all.

What are the benefits of using FundMe?

  1. It is really simple and straightforward to use: Like we love to say, FundMe is the simpler way to raise funds and our process reflects the truth of that statement. With just a couple of taps, you can set up a FundMe account. No long journey, no long story
  2. No payment issues: Nothing funny happens behind the scenes with funds you have raised on our platform. When it’s time to withdraw funds that you have raised, you won’t hear any funny stories.
  3. Transparency is assured: With FundMe, you and everyone donating money towards your goal can easily track the progress of your campaign fund in relation to your campaign goal.

It all sounds so lovely right? To set up your FundMe account, you can get the app here for Android users and here for iOS users.

Need to talk to us?

Do you have some extra questions or you have got feedback you want to share with us? Shoot us a mail at — We’d love to hear from you.