The F&K savings app is more than a savings platform. It is an exciting and user-friendly app with a lot of exciting and customer centric features designed specifically to help you achieve your financial goals easier and faster.
 In a bid to get you acquainted with these features, we have summarized them as follows:

  1. FUNDME:

It is a unique feature that helps Users of F&K savings create an account and non-users to save or donate towards a cause. To create a fundme account the user has to create a fundme goal, title of fund me goal, choose fund me category, select a fundme campaign duration and describe the fundme campaign.


  • Enables non-users to participate.
  • Play a part in helping others achieve their life goals.
  • Raise funds faster and easily.

2. INVESTMENT: Our investment marketplace enables you to invest in various portfolios and earn return of up to 30% per annum depending on the sector and duration (3 – 18 months). Investment starts accumulating after 24 hours and you will get periodic updates from start to finish.

The minimum investment is #10,000. However, you will be unable to terminate your investment until it matures and you will receive the matured sum plus returns in your specified bank account at the end of the maturity date. You can have as many investment portfolios as possible, and also choose to roll over investment upon maturity.

  • Very competitive rate
  • Access to alternative investment opportunities
  • Investment advisory/management
  • Earning passive income
  • Capital and interest guarantee
  • Portfolio diversification

3. COLLABO: This is a feature that allows you save as a group with your friends and family (colleagues, siblings, relatives, etc.). Here, you can only have access to your funds after the targeted amount or date has been reached.


  • Easy to achieve life goals
  • Motivation to save more
  • Build relationship and networking opportunities

4. X – CONTEST: This is a feature that allows you to view and join any saving challenges that suits your money goals. To start log in, select the X contest on your front page, list of active contest pops up. There are different contests one can join under All contest, when you pick one it shows under My contest. After clicking the contest(s), it brings how do you want to save which could be by picking quick deposit, how much would you like to save. A successful savings message will pop.


  • Enhance your competitive skills and builds consistency.
  • Money goal achieved faster.
  • Interests

5. E-STORE: The E-store is a virtual display of products you can save towards with market price attached.


  • Enables users to shop easier and faster.
  • Comfortable and convenient.
  • Saves time and energy.
  • Easy access to goods.

6. SHAKE TO SAVE: It is a fun and fast feature that enables users to automatically land on the savings page by simply shaking their phone.


  • Easy and fast access to savings page.

7. REFERRALS: This is used to refer friends and family to join F&K savings. A referee gets to earn a reward of ₦250 per referral as soon as any of the friends or family start saving with F&K savings.


  • Helps family and friends to imbibe habit of savings.
  • Passive income
  • Opportunity to become a brand Ambassador for F&K savings


8. MORE: The MORE icon allows you access to a lot of important pages which allows you to perform a lot of functions.

Withdraw Funds: this allows you to withdraw funds from your wallet to other plans or bank account.

Transactions: this shows the recent savings and withdrawals done on the platform.

Preferences: users can activate or de-activate their fingerprints or interest features.

FAQs: this is a question and answer bank that enable users to understand the app and the features on the app.

Helps: this is where you reach out to a support personnel who is able to provide assistance when needed.

So what are you waiting for, get started and enjoy these amazing features.
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