Navigating aimlessly through a platform you just got to know about for the first time can be really annoying, for example, searching for the gallery or maps when you get a new phone can be frustrating, you even begin to wonder why you got the phone and whether it is worth the stress.
Now, imagine if it were a financial App, how frustrating would it be?

Worry no more, we would be taking you through these easy steps that would enable you navigate easily through the App.

After downloading the App from the App store (for ios users) or google play store (for android users)

Step 1. Sign up and verify your Email: Immediately after signing up, a verification link would be sent to your email.

Sign up page

Step 2. After verifying your email, Login through the App and explore.

Login page.

Step 3. Don’t forget to pick a plan; choose a plan that suits your money goals.

Savings plan.

Step 4. Start saving: After selecting your savings plan, you automatically get redirected to a savings page. You can also shake your phone, and your savings assistant pops up. You get to earn up to 12% per annum

Savings made easy

1. you can save as low as 200 Naira daily, weekly, monthly or as you wish.
2. you can have as many savings plan as possible.
3. Withdrawal limit is set at 2000 Naira only.
4. Get paid on referrals
5. You can also invest your loose funds and earn competitive returns (up to 30%) on investment.
6. Explore the App or click on MORE for more exciting features.

We are building Africa’s Largest community of “Financial Knights”.