Next to the introduction of economics as a course is the exposition to how the demand and supply rules and moves an average economic system. I am definitely not here to bore you with economics jargon, I want to tilt your mind in a direction it has probably scarcely explored.

This is how it works in the goods market; there is a producer on one side trying to make profit by offering a good/service and on the flip side of the coin is the consumer willingly looking for a product to feed his/her satisfaction in exchange for value. The two parties will have to meet and bargain. Before the transaction can be sealed, the basic requirements of the two parties must be met i.e, the producer must earn profit and the consumer satisfied with the product.

Now, you have gotten the basic gist, let me exercise your imagination just a little bit.
You want money right? I do too! Now, there is an imaginary money land with producers willing to give out money for a profit and you are the consumer who wants money for satisfaction. Just like the goods market, you need to give something(payment) to the producers to get the product(money).  When you meet the producer’s requirements then transaction can occur.

The simple illustration is the reality  of wealth making process. The seed and harvest time law is real and active. You have to operate with the consciousness that if you don’t meet up with the basic requirements of the wealth making market, no transaction will occur. Wealth doesn’t come from you sitting around doing nothing or tapping the love icon when you see something exotic on Instagram. These two do not meet the standard requirements.

Here are some requirements; investments, corporate services, skillful services, valuable product exchange and many others. You need to fall in line into any of these activities if your money demand satisfaction is going to be met.
As you desire wealth, also desire to be involved in activities that serve as transaction catalyst in the wealth market. Take action, get transactions done!

Taiwo Oyedamola is  a writer, social entrepreneur and a graduate Economics Student. She specializes in helping young minds identify opportunities and bridging gaps to their possibilities.